West on our Mind


Here is the sunrise. With my Starbucks next to me, I sit in our beautiful suite facing the city that never sleeps. A game of lights with endless attractive words. We’ve been through an incredible journey with LA and Vegas being SO good to us! LA was a constant sunshine and Vegas the ultimate adventure. It’s always a breath of fresh air, stepping out of our comfort zone, but that’s not the reason for which I am in love with the West Coast.

There is a contagious feeling of positivity and energy that you get when you’re surrounded by niceness and rays of sunshine. To every city its secrets, but what was revealed to us, was genuinely inviting!

Of course we leave with much hope to be back, but with luggages full of good memories and bow-ties on every handle, we leave with hearts filled with such excitement and treasures. Sharing our adventures will take up a long time, which we’re so willing to give.

From the wonders of the skies to the breathtaking show of Mystere.

Let me tell you a bit about it. Vegas, it’s definitely that strip which Ocean’s 11 trilogy movies have so nicely portrayed, with all the craziness that the Hangover trilogy has shed light on. But there is one aspect to Vegas that is yet to be revealed. For the crazy goers and the gamblers, this is definitely a place to be. But for the rest of us, there is yet so much to see. The shopping experience is ultimate with the best of brands being open door to door, inviting you in, and making you feel a part of the brand: you belong to it.

What’s nice to see too are the different reactions on people’s face. With such a diverse mix of people, the streets are filled with dreamers who come to Vegas to see what “exceptions to the rule” look like! But it is truly an exception from every angle. A Cirque Du Soleil show that left us in aw for 1 hour and 30 min. Unimaginable sceneries of dancing goddesses and flying people… a mesmerizing site that should definitely not be missed. It was just incredible!

My personal and ultimate experience – falling from the sky – which I will be telling you about extensively tomorrow, was a life changer!

There is a real intensity in seeing new things, they get to you like nothing else and engrave themselves somewhere in your personal belongings, from luggages to thoughts.

Thank you West Coast!






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