Fashionable e-Peace, Connect!


Who thought that Peace, Fashion & Hollywood can be written in the same sentence?

Fashion is proving to be EPIC! Not only is this year’s runway similar to a burst of colors and an infinite inspiration, but the fashion season is more than ever one of the strongest platforms for causes. We’ve all witnessed groundbreaking speeches and passion for causes that translate into actions, visits and donations.

There is SO much to be done. It definitely doesn’t stop here… Emma Watson’s speech, Leonardo DiCaprio’s call, Angelina Joli’s visits, and so more Voguish Non-Governmental and Philanthropic organizations have been established, led, promoted and funded by actors, fashionistas, celebrities and socialites. We all have something to give, no matter how small. And this act of goodness, kindness – or any other synonym – becomes an inspiration to others! Campaigns from “Bring Back our Girls” to “Help Children in War Torn Countries” have taken the media by storm.

The world of fashion and celebrities seems miles away from the earth shattering tragedies that affect millions of lives. But the truth is, they’re not so far. The UN has been resorting to these people to “inspire”… to highlight a trait of character, a positive attitude. At the end of the day, most of the movies that we watch channel a moral, reality can be based on our favorite actors too.

Living in the Middle East it’s easy to see the dichotomy between reality and glamour but they intertwine more than ever too – my current browser has about 6 different tabs, covering Nuclear Weapons, Refugees, Paris Fashion Week, Fall colors etc. Of course an interest in blogging about fashion and lifestyle does not include an oblivious decline of reality.

A lot is happening and we don’t have to necessarily be amidst chaos to live it. Feeling it, most times is even more powerful and a stronger vehicle for change. Anything can make a difference, whether we express it by posting pictures on social media, on personal blog pages, in helping refugees, in changing our minds, in avoiding stereotypes, in understanding more and appreciating differences.

The fashion industry and the Hollywood world have both reached out to the vanguardist way of promoting rights, by joining social media and online attraction at their best. Online media has a unique power of reaching everyone with the click of a button; let’s use it to give peace a chance.

It’s not a lightswitch, and we definitely won’t wake up tomorrow morning with peace and doves in every newspaper’s headline, but starting somewhere is always better than standing by. Revolutions were brought to life through social media, why not peace? Be part of it, interact and share peace online on Make it count!

Civic Peace Corps is the first social media platform dedicated to promoting the culture of peace, launched by the UN Information Centre in Beirut (UNIC Beirut) and its local partners.

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