Let’s Get Naked

You know how we all endure trains, traffic and long hours… There is no reason though to go through it all without some glitter… Time to doll yourself up… This is the opening full-fledged makeup review, “for your eyes only”! Nothing too crazy or cat-eyeing but a look that suits both your day and night. The lady next to me got me writing about my favorite for the day: and it’s definitely NAKED! For those attracted by the word, trust me, the brand is even more attractive!

We all know how glamorous the Naked palettes are, the shimmery/glittery effect can be easily emphasized and toned down based on venue, occasion and style. But the Basics Palettes, 1 and 2 (2 being the newest out) are the perfect combination of sexy and classy. Matt finished with a “shy” highlighter, these palettes should definitely be in your cosmetics departments – drawer!

There are more electric and lively colors, but for now, let’s go matt!

Let’s get back to Basics…
I travelled for about two weeks and the Basics Palette was my favorite by far. Six neutral shades with a shimmery Venus that makes all the difference. Use this one in the inner corner of your eye and right below the outer edge of your eyebrow. To make your eye standout a bit more, use the Venus shadow right in the middle of your eyelid…

The three neutral Foxy, W.O.S., and the Naked 2 allow you to draw, define and provide a sober and full coverage of your eye lid and crease. The difference between the day and night looks are mainly drawn by using the Faint and Crave shadows.

Faint, a matt brown, gives a deep definition of the eye and makes your eye look wider when used right above your crease. Black, gorgeous and classy, gives the sexy look. The more you use black, the more of a night look it would look like. But when used in the right amount, mostly on the edge of your eye, while dragging it up a little to your crease, still on the left side, it makes your eye look “long” …

Don’t color your waterline with black unless you’re aiming for a deep, narrow look, as an alternative, define your eye with Faint and Crave (night) on your lower lashline. Coloring your lashline with Naked 2 and Venus also gives a touch of life to your eye. For a dramatic look, always use black both on your upper and lower lashline. Draw it with your eyeshadow or with you a eyeliner. Use an angled brush for a higher precision coloring.

You can definitely mix and match with the Basics Palettes and being small they conveniently fit in your purses… Naked 2 Basics? I would personally use them the same way, play and match them up together. Skimp, is the shimmery one used on the middle, corner and outer edge of your eye. The rest of the palette is a range of light brown colors that create a classy look for all occasions.

What’s great about these palettes is the endless combination that can be done. I currently started using them interchangeably, a couple from one and finishing up with a couple from the other. You can build some great makeup using them. More important? Their pigmentation.

For nudes-color lovers; these palettes are definitely a perfect fit! Spice it up too, check out the endless palettes and shadows that Urban Decay has!

Have fun!

Naked Basics
Naked Basics


Naked 2 Basics
Naked 2 Basics
High Precision Eyeliner
High Precision Eyeliner
Angled Brush
Angled Brush

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