Blogstorming with Friends & Memories

I was just thrown back in time today when I was reminded of my first writing days. When I say years, I literally do mean a decade and beyond. There is something about remembering good days, good old events that have signed your heart and that linger still.

Mind you here – I am not referring to the nostalgic lost love and broken up relationships. Although these teach you a lot in life, I am mostly referring here to those people whom you grew with, whose maturity and emotions leave an irreplaceable trace in your life, whose friendship is still present and still counts… I don’t know by what design people walk in and out of our life, but there is definitely a part of them that stays behind.

Every time we meet a friend – no acquaintances here – we give away a part of ourselves too. And so when I first started searching for an inspiration or topic for today’s, I wasn’t looking into a drawer full of memories… I was looking outward, around, absorbing the movements around me, knowing that something will trigger the pen. I discreetly gazed a few hours at the most obvious and simple things, from talks, hugs, smiles, accessories etc… It all went by without an effect, until a friend, a movie and a tattoo #beautiful.

#Beautiful is for all things that leave our eyes in shock. But what’s more beautiful is the genuine smile that we get when we come across something pure, real that makes us forget about timezone. I was looking for that beautiful second when someone pointed it out to me.

See when I first started this blog, it was meant to be personal, not so much of an insight for life coaching or lifestyle. But again, things evolve, and this has definitely been one of them. I was inspired to look back at friends, people, dreams… to see where I wanted to be and where I am today. We all have our story, and trust me, we all came a long way.

But throughout all the mess, the ups and downs and whatever happened in between, we all found true inspiration that cleared all the dust. I’m sure most of us don’t remember that one second when we decided that things are going to change, or when we said “this is what I want to do”… It’s good to revisit these places from time to time.

There are people in your life who are constant reality checks for you, pillars. People who know you like no one else. These people have shaped your path in a way that you only know. They brought in those great kryptonite moments, those moments of clarity, and for better or for worse, were a guiding voice in your mind. Visit them every now and then: those who are still in your life will bring you such fresh air, and those who make up your actual life will remind you of everything valuable, of everything worth holding on to.

It’s an absolute pleasure to see where we’ve been, but even better to know that today is ours, with some dreams that are accomplished and others about to happen! Don’t lose sight.








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