Tone, Skin & Colors!

As summer draws to an end, your skin tone will definitely become lighter.
The make up that you used to wear, especially in winter, will no longer suit your everyday look. Just like your wardrobe, make up might go out of season. This said, it is also true that playing with colors is a bold move. I don’t necessarily advise matching your outfit with your make up… Your make up colors should suit you, wear you because they fit you, not the dress. You can play with the style of make up, from cat eye, to simply shadowy, nude-neutral look, bold lips etc… This, yes! Go ahead and adapt to the outfit and feel of the day.

I don’t personally go totally crazy with colors, although some occasions are too tempting not to. However, I do like to color sometimes the inside part of my eyelid or the outer part of my crease. In both cases it gives a touch of uniqueness without making a statement. I also advise to keep it simple on the lid and perhaps color your waterline with a thin, unique color.

Before we move into this season’s colors, and must haves, you should definitely figure out what your undertone is. Your undertone can be one of three: Cool, Neutral or Warm. Usually beauty departments help you figure it out, but it’s good to know so that you can venture on your own. It also comes in handy when buying online. There is an amazing app called “BeautifulMe” based on a few pictures, it gives you your skin tone. This website also helps a lot!

Once you know what your undertone is, you can easily select the best color for your makeup and play some more with your eyes!

Colors for this season are synonymous with bold, sexy and attractive. Dark red, king purple and the red type of brown or Wine as i’d refer to it, of course, royal gold comes always in place too! Nudes are always a good option, but dark is magical too. Needless to say the Rouge nails are always a classic, but this time too, darker works great too! Take a look at this fall’s colors… Check what’s trendy and choose your color.

Sephora is definitely my one-stop store for beauty products, among my favorites, Clinique, Stila, Benefits, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Urban Decay… but don’t forget M.A.C. and the beautiful lipsticks and colors. Links to websites are provided at the end.

Matte Nudes
Shimmery Nudes
Dark Brown
Wine & Berries Anytime
Best Eyeliner Pencil
Warm & Cozy Fall
Always a Winner!
Beautiful Beige
Beautiful Beige
Attractive Red
Attractive Red
Dark brown
Dark brown



Check out these websites too:

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