Oh My – Brands!

There is a fascination with brands. People from around the world invest in their goods in order to feel better and look even… better. Brands that have gained notorious popularity and an uncontested reputation are leading the fashion world and crafting your desires. Your whole wardrobe is based on their “look book.” We’re talking here about high-end brands…They’re definitely not affordable fashion, which makes them out of reach for a lot of people. But their trendy and sophisticated looks are to be treated differently than you would treat a normal, let’s say, black leather bag.

See, for instance, a Louis Vuitton purse, is a timeless one. You wouldn’t amass a few of those – although some would – but you would carefully choose those couple of pieces that represent you and identify you at given times. It’s true, brands do make fashion, but they do not make up for style. That is up to you to make. You should be the one creating your own style, your own outfit, your own perception. People copy pasting a cover girl from a Chanel shoot would still lack something, even if they buy the whole outfit.

Brands, fashion and style are three completely different concepts. To simplify it, we could say that brands are the pillars on which one builds fashion, and fashion is the runway that inspires your style. Does that make sense? What you see, will not necessarily fit you. You should try it on, see the feel, fabric, and texture. This fascination with brands should rest on the idea of adding an icon of beauty to your style, to enhance it, to differentiate it, not only to define it. The purse, sunglasses, scarf or clothes should add a unique touch to your story.

Every brand has its own story, its own challenges. Like every ambitious company, they go through the same, dull daily issues, but they’re the GIANTS of fashion… we only see the monograms, the beautiful purses and the perfect images, we don’t really know the underlying stories that made them today’s leading pillars. The same should apply to your style. Your style should represent you, impeccably. Be it sporty, classy, rock star-y, or something never seen before, it should be yours, without showing the underlying story, but only radiating what’s most beautiful about you, no matter what.

Beauty in style, does not rest on your clothes and accessories. It rests on how you wear them, not how they wear you, on how your personality feels when you’re in those shoes.

Sometimes an accessory chooses you right? As if it’s love at first sight? That’s still not entirely true, you’ve chosen them too, the minute you laid eyes on it… You saw yourself in it, you saw your style. You choose your daily wardrobe based on your meetings and feelings right? If you’re feeling blue, black is the color. If you’re feeling fresh, white or something bright is the answer. Your sense of style, is how well you know yourself so that it can portray you.

This is exactly how these brands were created. They figured their style and made out of it a fashion empire, a signature that is for better of for worse an unwavering signature. Knowing these stories is even more inspiring, take a look for yourself, walk through their pages and see what fits your style. Their stories define them, let yours define you.

Louis Vuitton – Monogram – http://celebrating.monogram.lv/eng_AU/
Chanel – Inside Chanel – http://inside.chanel.com/en/paris-by-chanel
Valentino – Maison Valentino – http://www.valentino.com/experience/us/pages/world-of-valentino/maison-section/

archive_monogram 12_appart_video_large


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