During Thanksgiving, & Walks on the Bridge

#Thankful #Thanksgiving #Givethanks has been the topic for about 3 days. But really, being the most personal holiday of them all, I think they should extend it! It is incredible to sit for a few minutes, soul searching for the blessings, ups and downs, and moments that you went through.

Some of them we should be strikingly grateful for, others… we think we’d want to forget. But really, nothing happens without a reason, even if the reason doesn’t directly stand in your face, and once you figure out, once you see how an unwanted situation is basking you straight to a new door – you’re thankful again. I was trying to write a list of everything I’m thankful for this year, in my life. Turns out, I ended up being thankful for it all.

I was going over some Memory Files… I couldn’t identify one – like THIS. Everything is linked, a “situation” is never alone. But as I look back through it all, my sincerest and heartfelt thanks went to my family, friends, and dear ones; that’s when my genuine smile appeared. See, no matter where we are in life, we can’t escape our memories or the feelings we drag along. But the way we get to the sunrise is with a support system like no other.

I have this painting of Prague on my desk… the most beautiful bridge leading to the heart of historic streets and monuments. It’s breathtaking! I went there a few years ago to get away from my own thoughts, turns out, I’ve never been more in touch with them! Met new people, explored new streets, marveled at history… but I was still me, my feelings were still there, my life “grew up” for a few days, but what I left behind, still needed to get settled. Otherwise a simple messed up situation will get to an unresolved issue – and we all know how long those take!

And so yes, crossing over bridges in Praha, back and forth; I stopped in the middle of the bridge in the cool evening and looked around at my “Postcard City”. Beautiful sceneries and mesmerizing landscapes… and then Stop. Bridges. Bridges became my one metaphor in life!

Crossing over, whether walking in a straight line towards a point or crossing out a memory, name or feeling from your bridge, it is a metaphor that is viable in all situations. Every situation is a bridge, with a beginning, middle and end. Some of us sprint to the very end, others stroll along. But take it all in, make sure that no matter how fast you’re walking on that bridge, at its end, you’re also crossing it out.

Of course, memories will remain there… but memories void of feelings will soon end up in your trashcan, with all the pictures, poems and blogs about them – my trashcan is currently full – and then there is the “Empty Trash” option which you’ll also be thankful for.

Turning the page – crossing over your bridge – is enlightening and rejuvenating to say the least. But when you do so knowing that this bridge is not your life, but is just one bridge out of a thousands with so many streets to yet walk through, you’ll go along, knowing that in the end, you’re meeting up with friends and family who have been by your side all along, and who always going be there once you reach its end. From the darkest bridges, to the most cheerful ones – with an incredible amount of energy and heartfelt surprises!

These are our blessings, the people around us – their presence, support and unmatched cheer – and for them I am truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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Write Ur Own

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