Birthday Jar – Love It!

Planning my husband’s birthday dinner was great, especially when love for details is a standard, but imagine, if you could wrap the fun, love and good times, all in one place to light up your night? What if everything you like with tons of smashing colors is sealed in front of you ready to be unwrapped? Our dinner was… boxed up – bottled up – or jared up… definitely not the boring white platter.

Let alone the fact that the food is so fresh, you literally feel like you’ve gone green all the way… From the wrapping, bags and jars, this concept has taken our place by storm. It was a regular “opening the door so that the caterer could walk in with the food” but it turned out to be “open the doors to the jars!” As odd as it might sound, jars took a walk in our living room to finally rest on our table. Filled with candles, candies, salads, sprinkles and a dash of wishes, they were the perfect display for a night to remember.

The best part? The display… so easy to play around and fill your space, they were also amazingly convenient…You never have enough places to store your things right? Like they say, a table without a display might as well be tasteless in every sense, but jars sealed with a bow, fulfilling to the eye and SO inviting, make the perfect combination for a “I want to try a bit of everything”… once done? Round two please. (drinks were at center stage too!)

This concept boutique helped us throw a night to definitely repeat! With such a unique and cozy display: cheese, bagels, and salads as fresh as from the farm, the owners unleash your inspiration with amazing ideas to do with your jars – yes, you get to keep them!

Jars are exciting? Yes, apparently they are!
When researched a bit more… here are a few ways that you can DIY your jars and fill them with a bit of everything that you love!

Happy Birthday baby! – Have fun everyone!
Catering was done by Jars & Co. When in Lebanon, check it out!


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