It’s Night, Then Morning – It’s Christmas!

If I were to write about Christmas, trust me, you’ll be inundated with trees and lights and gifts and recipes! But I decided to refrain myself and simply write about its magic. There is something to this time of year, where everything literally becomes serene and beautiful. Of course the usual traffic is insane, but it’s happy traffic, you know what I mean?

A reason to brainstorm about gifts, a reason to sing – alas with a silly voice – Christmas songs. Definitely a reason to start a list of resolutions, but above all, you kinda feel that it’s a time to start fresh. To celebrate birth, to celebrate something new in your life, to open up to life in ways you didn’t know or didn’t have…

It’s warm, from its sunny day to its rainy night. Smiles become contagious, the feeling of wanting to leave a positive impact, even if only by helping a stranger choose a Christmas cake… It’s Christmas.

Be it in its divine meaning, in its family symbol, or in having the whole world celebrate Christmas all through the globe, with different time zones and weather, to have your family all stand quietly by a beautiful Christmas tree, to give prayers and thanks to such a blessed life, to ask, to forgive, to remember loved one… It’s Christmas.

And then the night is…celebrated, prayed for and unwrapped with all the mess left behind the decorated gift wrappings and a huge belly filled with such a lovely dinner. Then, comes morning.

Christmas Morning carries just as much magic as its previous night! Such a serene hot coco, a tasty Bauli with white snowy sugar and tons of hugs and kisses from mom, Mike and an unfading fatherly memory. It’s Christmas everywhere… and it’s definitely Christmas in Heaven.

Merry Christmas Dad!
Merry Christmas everyone!

With much love and good wishes….


More Gifts? Why Not :)
More Gifts? Why Not 🙂
Unwrapping Memories
Unwrapping Memories
Hot Coco!
Hot Coco!
A New Tree for Morning
A New Tree for Morning
Sugar Canes :)
Sugar Canes 🙂
Suits for Christmas Morning
Suits for Christmas Morning
Christmas Is Everywhere!


Getting Ready!
Getting Ready!

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