My Resolution for 2015 #my2015word

So much has happened in 2014! It’s OVER now… Doing a “quick” recap will do you no justice former year. So how are we to farewell you decently?

We’ve all given up on something along those days but definitely acquired a few better ones! We tend to focus on the bad and say “This was one year to forget”… the big surprise is, next year will be just the same. When we let in the good, we also open up to the bad: we can’t selectively choose Sunlight and Rainbows, over Cloudy Days and Rainy Weather. They come together, it’s up to us to make up the best out of them.

What’s good about this coming new year, is that there are things that we can already do fabulously better! Here it goes. Take some notes down, trust me, if you start this new routine tomorrow morning, you’ll be in a far greater shape than you think.

Juices! Yes, replace soda with fresh made juices. We can cut on everything that hurts our body and stack our bellies with organic food (check out the Birthday Jars article) . We can stop preparing food because we have to and instead add a doze of love and a handful squeeze of happiness when cooking. We can train more, even if only for 10 minutes; you’ll be amazed how your metabolism and mood can drastically alter.

Forget about fried and undercooked, Organic is the new IT! I tried a few dishes from Caleen’s Kitchen. You know how you can taste purity in food and be deliciously delighted because you feel like your body is positively responding to the ingredients? That’s the feeling you’ll get! You’ll be addicted to how light and energetic it makes you feel. You can go with burgers and fries – drift away once a week, don’t overdo it – but you’d want to always feel this clean, and guess what? It’s so easy!

Try some relaxing techniques, lay on your back, sit straight, breath more, laugh more. Once a week, do something for you. We’re not talking about a gigantic selfish attitude, but something to treat yourself, to pamper yourself. Loving yourself is maybe the first step in learning how to love others. Treating yourself, your body, and soul, with the love, dedication and care that they deserve is a reflection of the type of love you give others.

Skin? A must! You seriously need to take care of your skin. Make it part of your daily routine. I know that most of us find it difficult to squeeze in 5 minutes before bed and at sunrise, but a healthy routine will be truly rewarding. You owe those 10 minutes to your skin… it keeps you running all day, it’s a nice thank you! Try out the Clinique products, you’d never want to go a day without!

Inner beauty radiates through your pores. It’s breathtaking to actually see the tangible results of happiness on your face, skin, clothes, in your relationship with others, in your work, your passion. But taking care of how you look and how you greet others, is no sign of “oh she spends so much time on her look” but rather an understanding that you respect yourself, inside – out.

The world is so interconnected that isolating, categorizing things and independently judging them is pretty impossible. Your life is a whole deal, wrap it beautifully, take it all in, and learn to treat it with the graciousness and care that it was first given to you.

Some of you might be reading this with big beautiful open smiley eyes, thinking that one thing does not necessarily have anything to do with the other. But hey, it really is… it’s all one big bundle.

I’m on a mission to set my goals straight this year and try to make the best out of it, I decided to choose my very own word. This is not the Eat, Pray, Love sequel, but an actual resolution to know how to drift and which way to look. Dedication.

What’s yours? #my2015word

Here are a few websites/blogs that will help you kick off this new year like a boss.
It’s time to make some positive changes, 2015, here we come!

See you soon!

Juice Up
Caleen’s Kitchen 
Workout Plan







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