Look Forward, Plan & Get Going!

I was asked about what drives my daily motivation to write. Besides the regular “Oh” and “light bulbs” that I get when I spot or come across something, it’s anticipation. Whenever I write an article, I already have a sense of the direction that it’ll take. But of course, with inspiration, comes no limit. So when I dive into a freestyle article, I never know where it’s going to take me!

But for this one, the words are pretty much set. Lately people around me have been experiencing life, situations, events, occasions and I’ve been on a non-stop roller coaster of planning, redecorating, planning some more, changing, moving and opening up. It’s been a revelation. Life’s moving in all directions, expanding and enriching both physically and morally.

There is joy in the unknown… but it’s an attitude that few can truly comprehend. The anticipation of what’s going to happen, how your day will unfold, how you’ll feel when your dream come true, how you’ll react when you stumble upon what you’ve always wanted… these “butterfly-in-my-stomach” effects are breathtaking. They take you from one morning to the other with a pinch of magic and an incredible doze of aspiration.

Of course, the occasional let down can be expected or anticipated but never fully accounted for. Sometimes it takes you by surprise, but when you’ve excelled in channeling positivity through your life, and when you’ve experienced loss and despair, those bumpy days, those sad occasions become nothing more than a hiccup to surpass and an “oh-well” to face with a passion.

Here are a few of those positive thoughts that will hopefully guide you through.
For your good and bad days, nights or all your moments in between!

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