These are definitely an “IT-Bag”

Just because it’s Saturday, it suddenly becomes right to organize my desks, drawers, makeup and closets. Yes, a week-long dedication to my weekends.

* Desk? All ready for a session of blogstorming. I have been absent for a while but with decoration, restoration and all sorts of changes happening, words, for once, were not enough to describe the chaotic state in which I was. Now that the dust has settled and that plans are moving along accordingly, my desk has become my one true oasis. More details to come…
Brushes, all color coded, cleaned and ready for a whole new week of colors, glamour and style! (check out the amazing brush spa mat by Sigma. Never knew that cleaning brushes could be actually fun)
Makeup cleaning session! This was actually fun. Old “ruined/broken” makeup and eyeshadows have become colors utensils for masterpieces. I mixed some of them with oil, others with water and they turned out to be beautiful coloring crayons. The drawers followed – an understatement. From makeup organizers to jewerly, drawers are now a pretty sight for any woman in search of inspiration.
Dressing and closet? Organized by colors and folded by sizes. You can never go wrong when matching your mood with its color-of-the-day. Makes your life much easier when everything is neatly folded or hung.
Scarves – my loves – all folded and put away in their nice little haven.
Shoes. Neatly stocked in their closet, preciously set by colors and stilettos – or there the absence of!
Now come the bags. Trend has evolved to a two-patterned style. One where clothes speak louder than everything else, and another where it’s the accessories that do the talking. In order to truly find the perfect fit, bags, as every woman would know, are an essential part of your look. Whether sophisticated gala dinner or unwavering CEO, the way we put away our stuff and carry our purses say a lot about us. By no means does it define us, but it does give you an insight about how we “carry” ourselves. This said, organizing their closet/space is as important as your clothing closet. At the end of the day, we don’t have the luxury of spending hours in front of 5 different closets to figure out our entire outfit, so here, colors, occasions and sizes do matter.

This spring/summer sizes seem to have gone ballistic, from the funky maxi dress, to the smallest purse, it’s the combination that strikes the streets and that defines your freestyle. An array of choices, from print, sizes (again, the emphasis of this article) to colors, your purse will definitely make you stand out!

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