Hats, Sun & Champagne

Summer a la French Riviera!

I was going over the makeup organization and cleaning day… (it’s Friday!). Was also thinking about this summer’s colors, tones, lipsticks and shades, when I realized that, of course makeup goes without saying, but what’s even more important this year is what you’re wearing on your head. HATS!

Hats are no picnic and it’s not a mere accessory to add some color to your outfit, it says a lot about you too and about the people you’re meeting. It has a whole communication line of its own, so choose wisely!

Every runway and catwalk this year has featured hats of all shapes, forms and colors. Some more extravagant and loud than others but equally telling. It’s no secret that what goes around comes around, the same goes for fashion. What started as a must for every woman in a given era, became the element of sophistication and poise for elitists. Now? It’s beautiful and it’s trendy.

It’s not for elitists or a must for an outing, but it certainly dresses you up and compliments your outfit in a way that only a hat knows how to.

And so, without further ado, take a look at this year’s hats!
To each their message, to each their identity.

Pour some champagne, search for a sunny spot and enjoy the défilé!
Imagine these hats in your wardrobe… Everyday a chic rench Riviera allure…

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