Dreamy Holiday in Sicily

It’s not really about change, or needing a vacation. You know how they say that travel enriches you? This is definitely true about our destination. Looking for a dreamy, gorgeous, relaxing place to spend your time? Love delectable food, good fashion, and great beaches? Of course, with the hats, the tan and amazing drinks? Then Sicily, the most exotic island in the Mediterranean, is your must-go-to place!

Keep in mind before you go…
* Sicilians spend their summer days at the beach in bikinis and cotton dresses, but they like to dress up at night for the traditional passeggiata, or little walk through the center of town before or after dinner. It’s true what they say about Italians and fashion, and this combination is quite obvious in Sicily’s street. If you dress like a typical tourist in shorts, sneakers and fanny packs, you will stand out like a sore thumb. So try out something light yet elegant for your nightly stroll to make sure you fit right in with the locals or just for the pleasure of living the Sicily way.

* As far as footwear goes, Sicily is full of cobblestone streets. As we know, these present some problems for heels, especially stilettos. So try a nice wedge platform with a plush insole and even some soft leather straps. You can rock them at night and also for a bit of light sightseeing during the day: super comfortable to walk in.

* Don’t miss Mount Etna, Europe’s biggest active volcano (and the second most active in the world!) But make sure you dress right when you head up to the top, as the high altitude can make for strong winds and cold temperatures even in the middle of August. Your best bet is to layer up, perhaps try a pair of cute lace-up sneakers that while keep your feet comfortable, look sporty, but are also put-together and trendy.

* When it comes to accommodation, you have to know that are plenty of options for a perfect holiday in Sicily: budget villas, holiday homes and beautiful apartments; you can easily find something chic and elegant or classic and quaint, from the seashore to the countryside, just remember to book in advance so you can get the best prices. For good eats, ask your local barista where the best restaurants are. They love to help out tourists, especially when it comes to eating well.

Food, espressos and wines? Sicilia, here we come!

Mpire Mode Contributor: Mary Davis


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