White Shirts Have Magic!

We all ought to plan for our weekend right? This is basically the free time we all look forward to… Beach, glamorous makeup and high heels extravaganza. It’s also better known as a “white-free-shirt” couple of days!

Well right now, things look a bit different… white shirts are becoming – as a matter of fact have always been – the classy gateway for every woman. With the varying trends and the fast change of style and colors, the white shirt is evolving but remaining a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe.

White linen shirts? Perfect for an open cover up on the sandy beach under the beautiful summer sun. White polished shirt? Unique with a long tafta maxi skirt for a gala dinner or big occasion… Sublime! And so on…

The beauty of the white shirt rests in the simplicity of wearing it with jeans, black pants, skirts or shirts. Conveying a unique message of confidence and poise, it can be easily styled with accessories, clutches and hair.

Up-do, sporty and trendy…
Down wavy, casual elegance…
Straight look, serious and classy…
Braided, ready for a day out…

Keep in mind, all look even better with a morning coffee mug and an evening glass of wine!
There is no “suits you” or “it doesn’t”; that’s the magic of the white shirt. It suits everyone, fits pretty much all occasions and dresses to perfection all sizes. Pregnant women look elegantly fashionable, business women look serious, running mothers look modern, aspiring painters look professional and upcoming teenagers look confident.

As I said, there is a magic to it and a twist of fun when accessorizing it.
So this weekend? Pick a white shirt! Below are some suggestions that might help you out in styling your weekend.


For purchases & more ideas, check the below:

5 thoughts on “White Shirts Have Magic!

    1. Sure, you have different versions of the same shirt. Donna Karan has a nice one from her Spring 2010 collection which I believe you can still find online. Otherwise head to The Shirt Company you’ll definitely find it there! Let me know if this helps! Marita


  1. Hi Marika!
    Can you tell me the exact model of the Burberry shirt?
    I can not find the exact model on the site.
    Thank you so much for your help.


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