Nude: the New Dress Code!

When going to Sephora, Mac Cosmetics, or any makeup store really, my first pitstop is at those incredibly attractive nude palettes. Those earthy, classy colors with which you can never go wrong, actually dress you up in the most sophisticated of ways!

From natural white/beige to extravagant black, you can really choose among an array of looks and styles with a single palette. I’m not talking about those palettes (also great!) that contain a specific shade of colors like Naked 3 – which I love.

We’re actually covering those palettes that have nude colors but that also contain a touch of black, deep purple and darker shades of blue, which can really turn your makeup inside out when added on the corner of your lid, or right on your eye water line.

Emphasize on the black (darker colors) for a more elaborate and dramatic look… The brighter the makeup, the fresher it looks. However I suggest you always play with a dark brown or black to define your eyes… that will increase your makeup’s elegance.

I’m adding below a few of the best palettes in town, be it for their color, pigmentation or the ease of blending their colors together.

  • Some palettes like the Hourglass ones are very pigmented and almost feel like a creamy texture. They’re seriously long lasting and you’d have no need for a touch up after a while.
  • For a natural look, the light Tartelette palette will work perfectly. Although at some point you’d need to touch-up during the day, it’s still so light and barely shimmers that you could seriously wear at your most executive meeting.
  • Mac, and Smashbox are my all time favorites… great color variation and the effect is just great.
  • Urban Decay has a unique type of shimmer and glitter, perfect for a dramatic touch to spice up your makeup!
  • Makeup Forever – Saw this at a friend’s… absolutely gorgeous and shimmery colors. Not for those looking for a simple and matte look – not very pigmented either.
  • Hot Nudes by Bobbi Brown? Great colors… not confusing if you’re a first-time nude user!
  • The Lancome Auda[City] is coming in 16 days, that’s definitely worth a try! Particularly for their chic and very light texture…

You can find most palettes at Sephora – not the Mac ones though.
For online shopping either head to Sephora, or each of the below websites.

Have fun & dare to go nude!,default,sc.html

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