Coffeed, Inspired and Blogged!

Between coffees, sips and a few articles, I realized how quiet everything around me was. I had recently read a quote about words, wounds and loneliness. It’s not so much of a depressing quote – trust me – but more so of a wake up call!

You know when you read something and you go like “This is so true” and the worse part is that you already know it… you juts needed a clue to implement it. I am pretty sure that by now you’re not getting much of what i’m saying. Why should you? Talking in riddles and stumbling around is what has been happening to a few of us lately, it’s only normal to be reflected on paper [screen!].

And so to clarify, this morning I was trying to make sense of a few things. To put them away, get rid of them, let go – whatever synonymous for this statement is. In my office, I have a “Cup of Goodness” frame. It looks like ran out but everytime I look at it, it gives me a rush to forget about the worry and rise above it.

Isn’t this the exact effect of quotes and inspirations? They leave a mark, somewhere in your line of thought where you suddenly see everything so clearly, so categorically, that you no longer have this huge burden and anxiety when you think about it.

And as my coffee draws to an end, along come to last sip of inspiration for this piece. Worrying definitely gives you something to do, something to prepare for and in a way, puts you ahead. So yes, do worry, but don’t overdo it. There is so much beauty around, so much to be thankful for… Worry about what you love and then stop. Let go of all the rest… Mind you, don’t be egocentric or a “me, me, me” type of person, but be someone who stands firm towards what he/she loves, works hard to be happier and is satisfied with every part of it.

Make every minute count. That’s your blessing!

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