Monogram, Personalized, DIY

When I first started dreaming about my baby girl, I dreamt about the royalty treatment that would surround her. How everything would need to be pitch perfect, neat, and well, unique.

This summer turned out to be the best time for her. Monograms, tabs, labels and everything else you can imagine have become one of the many ways to customize to your heart’s content. Believe it or not, it started with the chocolate and giveaway! Since the beginning, for some reason, I saw her color as being the Tiffany Green/Blue, lively, classy, sunny and elegant all at the same time.

This said, it had to be customized now! Her name was chosen and printed, the designs all ready, her folder filled with pictures and inspirations… now? The works!

We started with bottles of waters… You can never get enough of water in summer right? The chocolate… As sweet and wrapped as every lovely emotions that brought her to this world. The table? An amalgam of cookies and sweets with white, her customized green/blue and tons of love for decoration. Let’s not forget the dashing white pearls hanging from the chandeliers to touch up the atmosphere. Bowls of candies and sweetness filled the house…

It’s definitely her time!

You might be asking yourself about her room… You are absolutely right. It was decorate to the last corners, self-made baskets, white polka dots ribbons, an inspiring canvas with life lessons and beyond personalized frames!

I spent a fair amount of time online searching for products and items, most were DIYs and crafts with prints and shapes. It’s been an adventure, a fun time to connect with my daughter but most of all, an amazing trip to welcome her into this world with the utmost poise and preparation.

Planning is part of my personality, it comes natural to plan my daughter’s grand entrance, to plan for the warmest adventure in my life.

You were brought to this world with such love, we will make sure to shower you with so much more.

Your dad and I were so impatient to see you! Welcome to the world baby girl.
Much love!














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