Fashion Month 2015

I was going over the Sfilate from the comfort of my office. Like every year, the fashion industry keeps on evolving and revolutionizing itself bringing out even better combinations and more striking colors.

If we ever thought that we fully went over the color spectrum, we are definitely being proven wrong by this year’s runways. The shows are drastically unique and even more grand that we’ve been used to. With venues elevated from flowers and landscapes worth of postcards in literally every city from New York to Paris, fashion designers accommodated bloggers, journalists, editors, illustrators and every single fashionista in the biz, turning every invitee into a brand ambassador and an unofficial spokesperson. [check out the below illustrations by Megan Hess – sophistication on paper!]

Stella McCartney, Leonard, Giambattista Valli, Dior and so many others have gone above and beyond to capture your attention and lock it onto your social media screens and platforms. And as they say “so it goes”… Social media went crazy picturing, regraming, posting, commenting and liking what seems to be a fashion century!

This fashion month was definitely about the clothes, but the inspiring element of this year’s runways were the magistic venues. It’s not only the dark environments and enlightening walls… it’s the concept, the embodiment of the fashion industry into the hosting venue.

Dior was tremendously violet and gracefully elegant. Chanel turned its venue into an international airport welcoming every plane and sending out its very own couture to every corner of the world.

But back to social media… of course the clothes were up, front and center, BUT what went viral, before the clothing were gift bags, seats assignments, venue and parties. Fashion month creates this bubble around it that one becomes addicted not only to check a picture, but in fact, to see the same one taken from different angles.

Social media has become an essential marketing tool. Every dress, accessory and purse has made it to our screen, in a way or another. With epic colors, loose ends and a complex combination of laces and lines going in every direction, couture and pert-a-porter never looked better, and most of all, never looked more appealing to everyone on the receiving end of the screen.

Runways and venues were between our hands in a few seconds and it was like everyone was catapulted in front-row seats with wish-lists and e-picks all ready to be launched.

It’s Fashion Vanguard month…  the fanciest month for social media!



Dates of Fashion Week(s):
Illustrations by Megan Hess:
All collections can be seen on:

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