Casual Friday

When roaming around offices, and checking facebook/pinterest/instagram – daily digest – you notice that Friday [or better Thursday night] brings along exhilaration that is otherwise forgotten all through week! (too bad for those who lose it. Tip: try to find something you love doing… having to completely unplug will then seem weird.)

Alongside to the idea that the weekend is about to begin, meaning that all coffees, drinks and outings become The Only Way To Go, comes the idea that Friday is almost the weekend, almost off, and work for some reason looks… nicer.

I was looking around – no matter what the field, no matter how much you enjoy your work, Friday brings a crazy amount of motivation. Even challenges become welcome! It’s like all trends break loose, jeans, white shirts and comfortable heels are out.

There is nothing casual about Friday, let’s face it, on the weekends, unless we’re going hiking we dress up for every occasion. But nevertheless, Friday brings in the workplace more colors, more denim, less suits and more easygoing styles (tip: no flip-flops or shorts…)

Below are some pictures sketching what a casual Friday might dress up like.
I’d definitely go with a nice unicolor top, accessorized with nice a scarf and nice bag, black pants or denim [preferably not broken, but could work if styled neatly] and yes, heels. Flats are an option too – but everything looks better when you’re a few inches higher!








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