Black & White

I was going through the most fashionable houses and interior decorations by vips – Vogue International Personas – and it seems like black and white are not only the trend, but so far the classiest and ever lasting combination. Yes, those strips, shadows, harmony, etc. all make up for a beautiful space.

Be it your coffee table or office wall, it seems that these two colors can never be boring. Sometimes, and I’m sure this happens to most, we get tired of a certain color, certain shape, certain disposition, but let’s be honest, black and white always come to the rescue!

Think about it, when you run out of options, black comes in handy! When you feel sophisticated, black is the answer. When you feel fresh, white all the way! When you feel like you want to renew something, white is the first color you aim for! These two are like the basics from which everything else spreads.

Let’s not forget the very common statement “it’s not all black and white.” I agree, there are various shades of colors (or grey for the fans!) in between the two… there is a path that goes from black to white or vice versa, you should and will walk through the grey, but your choices, your decisions, will always be “this or that”.

In or out, with or without, win or lose, fight or let go, peace or war… sometimes the two seem to converge, but mind you, they never do. On your way from one color to the other, it may seem like you’re seeing things with a grey eye – but at the end, you’ll either turn to white or black.

It’s a balance. Sometimes you lose it and add crazy mixtures of colors, but then you know that you can always count on those two colors. They’re like the best friends that never fail you; they’re those choices that are yours and yours alone. It’s one hell of a metaphor, but realistically speaking, at the end of the day, we all have a choice to make, and we all end up living to the expression “either black or white”.



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