Wrap It Up!

Like every year, no matter where we are, no matter how many troubles or issues we’re facing – there comes the magic of Christmas. Besides Christmas trees, decorations and fancy dresses, gift ideas start flowing in.

True. Gifts are definitely important. You can get the wrong shoe size or wrong color bag – yes you can go wrong there. BUT it’s the anticipation that is key. The beautiful wrap, the design, the imagination of what’s inside it…

No one knows what’s inside a box – unless you deliberately asked for it! – but there is magic in looking at a gift. There is wonder in guessing; it’s a romantic notion, but it’s truly a real one, no matter the age!

The next time you see a wrapped gift. Remember this. Where does it take you? What does it trigger in you? Wishes, hopes… it’s no surprise that you get a smile right away. Think about it.

So this season, shop creatively! Get nice gifts, don’t get too confused. It’s not about always needing something; sometimes it’s just nice to have it! So do that. Be generous to those you love, and if you can, donate a bit, help others. It’s Christmas, and when you can bring smiles for those you don’t know and who need it… that’s magical too!

Happy wrapping everyone!

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