Italian Design: The Best to Decor your Home

When it comes to designing your home, you have got to be full of projects, choices, tastes, solutions, and be ready to discover something new in every plan. If you feel like it’s time to venture into this magical feat, then the best advice is to take a look at Italian brands. Lately, Italian furniture has been under the spotlight of the Design Week that was held in London, which was an event that allowed large internationally renowned designers to showcase their creations. [Check here for the last news about the Last London Design Festival.] The result? Italian design has improved at the speed of light and quickly left its competitors behind.

Kartell – Their style is now the most desirable and admired, and one of the most renewed for quality. Kartell, represented also online on sites like Shop Mohd, offers unique design furniture choices, which perfectly symbolize Italian’s innovative and modern style. It is one of the leading companies of design, and the symbol of the quality Made in Italy. The undisputed charm of this brand is undeniable and attracts customers from all over the world. Their ideas are born from a blend of elegance and innovation, but what truly makes this brand so unique is the collaboration held between famous designers of international fame and the Italian’s very best.

Zanotta – An Italian company, which in the fifties and sixties played a decisive role into the development of Italian design, and since then has always kept up with time and modernity, progressing in style and elegance. It is a brand known for its ability to renew itself and find modern ideas. You might want to take a look at their famous “sacco”, which is an anatomical easy-chair decorated in various styles.

Minotti – If modern is your word than don’t miss the Minotti design, elegant technology with traits of tradition. Have a look at the design for bedrooms, but especially to the vast collection of coffee tables they offer: round, oval, square, there are all kinds of forms for the whole house, to make your place look technological and sophisticated.

Frau – From the communion of passion and cleverness, the Italian brand “Poltrona Frau” creates furniture of the highest quality. Not only they provide materials for homes, but also for interiors of any vehicle in motion and for the offices. A sophisticated touch of unique Italian leather set by hand with care and consideration.

Magis – If you prefer a more romantic, familiar style, Magis is the brand for you. Ethics and poetry perfectly live parallel into their furniture. With a passion for everything that is special, this Italian brand offers – in addition to all the furniture for the home – especially great designs for your outdoor space or garden. Take a look at all the ideas for the seats such as a very elegant bench in rotational moulding, or the fabulous and peculiar Magis Dog House, that can also come with a writing: “IF YOU WANT TO SPEAK WITH ME MY NAME IS …” (followed by your dog’s name).

Article by Hanna Johnson – Mpire Contributor

2 thoughts on “Italian Design: The Best to Decor your Home

  1. Italian furniture is always well reputed for its craftsmanship and beautiful designs. The outcome of Italian designs in London Design Festival, appreciate that. All furniture you posted are just way too cool.
    Hey, Marita Kassis could you please share some designs for small bed room?


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