Christmas Gifts, Lists & Musts 2015

This is definitely the year for “monograms and personalization”.
From stationaries, handbags – luggage too! – to jewelry… we just can’t get enough with personalizing our items.

No matter our different interests, we do love to look nice, dress well… following fashion and trends, if only merely, keeps us updated. In our own way, we’re fashionable and stylish – to each their own… but still! What if we can include a personal touch to the industry? Some of us don’t have boutiques, so why not create one for your own wardrobe – that definitely includes accessories too!

So basically we’ve started branding everything we wear. But even better are those enchanting items that are so personal to you that might be able to tell your story.

A few ideas to help you get started with Christmas gifts this year – I’m sure you’ll be able to get gifts to everyone you know by the end of this post!

Gold is never too bold! This is a fact! Unwrapping a beautifully wrapped gift is always exciting. But even more so when you discover that a little rose, yellow or white gold necklace with your #name is waiting for you. Or d’Oeuvre is an enchanting store, whose owner very elegantly designs your interest into a necklace, earing, bracelet etc… Be it a letter or a sentence, you can definitely say a lot!

Another store that might be of interest to the creative instinct in you is Razme. A tasteful and unique concept of building your name in sharp edges. Clear cut and neatly created, Razme blends today’s modern edges with Arabic letters, resulting in one artistic design. Want to stand out? This is definitely your way to go!

At Christmas most of us take a closer look at the world around us; it’s a good time to count your blessings and help a little bit – spread some sprinkles around! We can all do that wearing some sparkle ourselves. The concept? Jewelry for a cause… Be stylish and support the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL). Check it out, everyone deserve to Live Love Laugh!

Want to impress with a gift? Tell a story! Nomination Italy and Pandora are two brands that will not only “present you” but will also say a lot about you! I seriously fell in love with the exquisite work of art that they put into every charm. Building a bracelet of your own by using charms that tell your stories, adventures and preferences. It’s like writing, but replaces your idea, with a charm! Give them a matchless gift, give them their story!

No jewelry but perhaps something equally personal? Fashion is also incorporating something from each one of us. Big names, Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, Polo are all making sure to dress you up with your own custom monogram. Some of them even take it a step further and allow you to design your own bag! Longchamp is seriously creating some cool Pliage handbags. Shifts, coats, handbag, wallet, passport case etc… No limit!

Have more ideas? Brand them! It’s absolutely worth it!

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