Christmas Fashion

We all fall under the spell of Christmas. What’s not to love about it? Of course, I am definitely one of its biggest fans! Although traffic is not something I look forward to every year, but the magic that this season brings along is simply captivating.

No doubt, hands down, no arguments, all houses look warmer at Christmas – you seriously can’t deny that, look around you! What’s even more enchanting are the streets, particularly those pedestrian areas where every corner would look like a huge empty space without green, gold, red or white decorations.

It’s the season, its’ the colors and it’s surely the lights! The urge to decorate comes natural, and every year, brands, from the smallest store to the biggest trendy name, compete into turning stores and streets into magical cities – postcard like sceneries.

Although we’d all love to visit them in a heartbeat, leaving the cozy warmth of your couch might be technically challenging.

Grab yourself a cup of hot coco – wine might be an alternative for some – cuddle in and enjoy a few pictures from around the world.

Happy Holidays!

Check out last year’s post! Christmas tree never go “out of fashion”!


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