Happy New Year – Let’s go!

And here it is.

I’m pretty sure as 2015 came to an end, so did most of your old resolutions. If you’ve reached 50% of that to-do list that you had put for yourself… you’re my hero. Resolutions are definitely fun, but they’re also far from being a checklist that you will refer to sometime during the 3rd month through 2016.

So stop. Before you start listing those 2016 resolutions, choose a headline. Once this is done, maybe add a couple of subtitles… but that’s it. Choose one really BIG something that you would like to achieve. Make that your goal, not your resolution. And then, once you regain your strength and leave behind that hangover on January 1st, put a resolution, everyday, to help you fill your subtitles.

Dieting, is not a resolution by the way. So please do yourself a favor and don’t stress about it, don’t add this as a subtitle or headline. Be healthy, live fully, and live happy. If you’re thinking along those three lines then you’re in the right direction.

Wake up every morning with a thought. Yes, get to work and see your friends in the afternoon, but have a thought, for yourself. Something feasible, tangible, something that you can work for to achieve. This will be your daily motivation. It will get you going, get you moving from point A to B while giving you enough satisfaction, reward, personal motivation and definitely more confidence. Do that every day and you’ll add more headlines and subtitles as you enjoy 2016.

As you walk into the new year, impress yourself. Believe in magic, find beauty in the smallest of things, appreciate your dreams, stand up for your thoughts and fight for yourself. Express more, forgive more, laugh much more and love so deeply.

If you’re not comfortable with random, don’t settle. Be you. Find what makes you happy, and then do it again. Be grateful for what you have, never forget to appreciate and embrace your blessings every night, then look around you, those you love are already everything you’ve ever worked for.

So in fact, you’re already where life wants you to be, you have written such huge and loaded chapters that taught you everything you know and got you exactly here. But you still have so much more to work for, places to visit, happiness to grasp as to fill your life and of those you love. Embrace it all… the rainy, cloudy or sunny days; but stay on track with a smile…Couple your imagination with ambition and creativity. Dream, Aim, Plan and Execute… But most of all be Thankful and Appreciate.

Happy 2016!


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