Movies, Moms & Minds

I’ve recently picked up every single romantic comedy, Disney movie, every cartoon and every kids’ channel. Ever since welcoming my daughter into this world, like most moms, I grew attached to the childhood memories that I had selectively put aside for a while – and upon which I rely to reconnect with innocence and dreams.

Lately, I have reopened that drawer only to find that everything I had once dreamed of, has come true. It’s no Disney movie, but so far it is a pretty good adaptation of a Disney life. With such realization and with an incredible inflow of emotions and love, how to channel all of that? Movies and writing seem to be the best escape for that!

Starting with Disney fairytales, cars and animals to love movies, promises and happily ever afters. The first month turned out to be not only a welcome home to our bundle of joy but also a welcome home to so many emotions and realizations.

We all read about how difficult yet beautiful it is… yes, sleep is less, food is eaten much faster, home is a weekend’s highlight… we all know these. But what about the inner thoughts that we never blog about? Like those daily thoughts and hopes that you’ve always had for yourself, they are suddenly multiplied into an infinite string of dreams now encompassing your daughter.

Your priorities are all reshuffled, your closet better organized to save time and your mind becomes a constant plans-manufacturing machine! There is a schedule to follow, activities to go to and sanity to keep! It is overwhelming, I’m not trying to play it down, but so amazing! Going to work is energizing, seeing your friends fulfilling, and going back home is heartwarming. So you see? However you turn, there is something waiting for you, to nurture you, to challenge you and mostly to push you so far ahead that you’d want to do it so fashionably well! [while doing all the same things at the same time and facing the daily challenges that you usually do. See? That’s seriously a LOT]

I reach the end of my day, in bed, dreaming about that specific instant. It’s a lot of work. But when you take a look around, and i’m doing this often, counting my blessings and being grateful, it’s all worth it and the reward is something beyond compare.

Up and running again in 3 hours!




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