Make A Difference

This is not like my usual posts… It’s actually a small request to #MakeADifference.

Sustainable development and social awareness have become the cornerstones of every business. In fact, even if you’re not a believer in the go-green business – and you should – once you see that supportive statement on a company’s website, a bulb automatically lights up. Being about business with a conscience is an added value! Admit it…

But it doesn’t end here. Separation between fashion & beauty – which seems to be a nice, colorful business – and the bitterness of the world, hunger, poverty and cancer, is no longer there. How many times a day does your heart get broken when you see a child in need? When you see a 10 year-old so hungry that you feel like reaching out to him through your TV?

It’s inhumane.

Surprise… The world cannot heal itself – be it by the brutality of war or by the difficult fate of illnesses. But we can do something. Of course having millions will definitely be a plus. But come on now. Let’s be realists.

On a personal level, we cannot help everyone, yet we can be humanitarians or planetarians… If each one contributes… even a little… there is magic, right there. There is inspiration when you see big names like Louis Vuitton, Ellen Degeneres, jewelry stores, and other big names rolling up their sleeves and trying to make a difference. I’m not asking you to sell branded bags or create a business that would donate everything or go bankrupt the next morning.

What I’m hinting at is to give back a little. No matter how much we receive in return, giving is always fulfilling, it always makes a difference to you, and to someone else.

We all want to light something in the heart of someone in need, be it a child, an elderly or the planet. So #MakeADifference… give a little. But give anyway.

Help those in need, donate to the organization of your choice.
Here are a few:

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