25 Steps That Will Change Your Life!

Lately I’ve stopped saying “Friyay!” or simply Yay!

Besides a couple more hours of sleep – 30 min more sleep to be precise… The weekend is just another weekday. So here is what I decided to do. I’ve established a new pattern. There is no “diet” and a free-pass on the weekend. It’s a lifestyle that I started to implement with the new year; not a resolution, not a goal, I simply woke up one morning and felt like I needed to kick start my life all over again.

I didn’t need to change or reinvent myself, I just needed to create something, add a new pinch, the right way: my routine.
I know sometimes we get to that point where we would gladly give everything and everyone up, pack our things, quit our job, get 3-4 people with us and literally travel and wonder at the beauty of castles and sceneries.

Although I do this during my travels or vacations, I don’t want to be in a giant waiting room until my next trip. So here are a few wake up calls. Follow them, trust me, they get you places.

  1. Wake up with a smile – it lasts all day!
  2. Never wish you could sleep more… it’s not going to happen.
  3. Being a workaholic is not bad for your relationship.
  4. Don’t postpone – procrastinating doesn’t help when a decision should be taken.
  5. Don’t count till 100; 10 will do.
  6. Exercise, even if only for 30 minutes a day. You don’t need to lift weight, just move a bit to break the rhythm. Dancing counts too!
  7. Don’t complain… well, at least try.
  8. Plan, plan, plan, plan – always ahead. And don’t be sorry to get things organized, even when everyone is trying to take a nap.
  9. Eat healthy. Yes I know, we all try, but seriously do it.
  10. Drink… Water! Tons of it.
  11. A glass a wine everyday helps you cool down… or whiskey. Go get it…
  12. Unplug from work. There is a limit to responding to emails and phone-calls. After that, let it go to voicemail. You need a few hours off. Not during sleep, before.
  13. Take your vacation days.
  14. Treat yourself. Always, you are a priority.
  15. Try to expect less… we’re not saints, we all expect, but do so reasonably.
  16. Role play, putting yourself in others’ shoes might be of tremendous help – everytime.
  17. Live. Life comes around once, make the best of it, don’t compromise your happiness
  18. Travel – there is nothing more enriching, seriously.
  19. Know what you want and work for it. Ambition with motivation – you will conquer the world.
  20. Have courage & be kind to others. It’s liberating.
  21. Cook, even if you mess up sometime. Tangible results are the best motivation!
  22. Flush out negativity, negative people and unworthy memories. So heavy to carry them around!
  23. Be true. Always find the opportunity to speak your mind.
  24. Go out but don’t force yourself to be in places where you genuinely don’t want to be.
  25. Establish a good cleaning/makeup routine. Whatever works for you!

Do all these, everyday. You’ll be surprised how “sunny” you will feel – even in the rainiest of days!



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