Why White Makes You So Fresh

You know how flowers have meanings? Emotions have colors. White is the deal. The most natural color we have – no frequencies, no limitations, full of minerals, nature’s best… and definitely liberating. When you think of white, you think of ice, snow, light, air, health, sun… positive vibes. Been my color of a while, and with gloomy days, white!

It was a seriously rainy day today. I wanted to feel fresh, positive, energetic… although the weather was everything but! So I started skimming my closet, I inadvertently went to the white section. “Wait. Why am I choosing white?” I couldn’t really find a clear-cut answer but the closest to it is a white paper. It’s in front of you with infinite thoughts to write, create and imagine! The only difference [I know] is that here, you’re actually wearing the sheet… the possibilities of doing something positive become heightened with – instead of using only words – some actions too.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the law of attraction – white attracts. As we go through our daily life, we always hope to give out some positive energy… and to get some of it back. We believe in it! It’s an inside process that is never fully achieved if not paired with your look.

In line with this newfound energy – and trust me, it is really effective – the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up is: Make today count. Spread some sprinkles around, give out smiles, inject some positivity, motivate the ones you love… touch lives with kindness. I found that white helps.

I agree, it’s a two-way street though. There are those low days. When you’re there, go with white too. Get those heels out, get some makeup on and definitely find something white. If you’re not feeling the energy, that white shirt in your closet might just do the trick. Even if merely.

We all dress up for the occasion… feeling positive is an occasion to celebrate too. Dress up for it! Be fresh, be positive and let positivity come to you.


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