You Are A Couch

Have you tried to step out of your life for a moment? To look at how you’re going, where you’re going? I have been planning for literally everything my entire life. Birthdays, dinners, outings, treats, studies, careers, fixated on moving forward.

My plan is to always have a backup blueprint in mind. Something to build on, something to pull me out of a situation in case the unexpected happened. Yes, sometimes it’s just impossible to predict?

Correct, I plan for that too, not the unpredictable, but how to handle it emotionally, at least in my mind. I draw the worse case scenario, anything that comes before it, will be ok. I might not always get it right, but it’s good to try! Then, in that instant, I’d know what to do. As you can imagine, it’s never quiet up there, and definitely never boring. So, from there onward, I’m on autopilot. “More, better, safe, forward, upward” a series of motivational bumper stickers in my mind, that I apply fiercely.

“Change is good” so, every now and then, a couple of light bulbs, spontaneous moments find their way into my life. I see inspiration everywhere I look and so when writing this, for some reason, all I could think of was my couch.

Ordinary white couch… Full of memories – dust of course – good times, secret conversations, plans, movies, emotional outbreaks… a whole life. It’s on automatic pilot… it’s a couch yes. But when buying, we think of it with the utmost care and consideration, color, placement, comfort, seats etc. We build plans around it… Without a couch, no housewarming party, right?

See in an odd and comically endearing metaphor, our mind is like a couch. We go on autopilot mode without thinking of the beauty and blessings surrounding it. Friends, work, ups and downs, efforts, losses – because those make a life too – good times, crazy times, plans etc…

We always aim for more and it becomes a race against ourselves, so much that we forget to be grateful and enjoy what we have. I’m definitely not saying to stop and take a break – I could never do that… But every now and then, slow down, take a walk. Appreciate the randomness of things and take it all in. Be a couch at times and only that, but at others, move away from the autopilot option and jump around. Sometimes we look at others and smile, thinking that they definitely have magic in them, to be able to breathe in life… Why not you? Be the comfort that you wish to give, and the happiness that you wish to see; inspire. Once you start building that in you, for yourself, you’ll have plenty more to give to others.

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