Fresh MakeUp Routine

I was trying to think of a post to write, when a friend called me asking to go through a daily makeup routine. Something simple yet classy that she could wear everyday to work, and touch up a little bit for a night out on the town.

It’s winter, I don’t mix up a lot of colors. I LOVE the neutrals but I have recently also fallen in love with burgundies. The MAC 9-color palette is definitely my favorite. Various other brands have amazing palettes too, Smashbox, Stila, and Urban Decay.

My wintery colors have been mixing blacks, browns, burgundies, and mauves. The result is seriously beautiful and you can definitely increase the intensity by applying it heavily. The eyeliner is an all-time winner, but it’s nice to change your look.

But for a day look, focus on your brows. Seriously. It all goes back to a good pair of brows and a captivating mascara. My all time favorite trio is

  • Eye bright by Benefit – for an awake and fresh look
  • Gimme Brow by Benefit – for perfect brows (you need something to delineate them)
  • High length mascara by Clinique – seriously refreshing

Here’s a rundown of everything you need for a day look -it’s a simple version, 5-minute make up for when you wake up at 5am and are hitting the road by 5:20!

I’ll add the needed brush next to every product.
Enjoy your day!

For more nude palettes, click here.

FullSizeRender-4Smashbox Photo Finish works wonders. It’s really velvety and leaves your skin feeling like satin. No matter what your skin tone or type, use an oil-free matt primer, you’re adding makeup anyway.


Move to the brows! Yes… take your time there. You need to “draw” them… and then add some volume to them. Don’t color them too much and don’t start too dark on the inner line of your brows… you want a natural look. Benefit – all time favorite for brows.



Now foundation. Depending on your skin tone, always take a shade lighter so that you can freely apply contouring and blush (this is only true in winter… in summer you might to go a shade darker in case your body is tanned). Use either your fingers or a brush, depends on how thick you’re aiming for the effect to be. you have more freedom when applying with your fingers.


Eye primer and concealer. My favorite two. Sometimes I even apply them on their own without any shadow or color. These are key to a refreshing your look! MAC is the shadow primer and Clinique the concealer. No matter what hour in the day, I still look fresh!


Shadows, mascara, eyeliner and a brightening pen for your waterline. With this Smashbox palette you can seriously go from day to night looks without any worries. You can use a light shadow with the eyeliner for a day look or simply combine brown shadows… The darker the shadow the more intense, the more suitable for the night. Once your eye is done, move to mascara. Use a zigzag technique when applying it’ll help increase length and volume at the same time.


Now the fun begins in contouring and adding some blush (NARS). I like to add a matt version for now, in summer the product changes… this is amazing! Never leaves your skin during the day and you literally look “well-composed” all the time.  Apply in small quantities so that you freely draw… you can increase the intensity with the number of applications. Use the highlighter at the end… move to the below step and then use the light shade as a final touch.FullSizeRender-2

Prep-Prime by MAC first. Add some storks where you want to highlight. Basically on the corner under your eye, bridge of your nose, middle upper lip and corners (this is fast, natural, everyday contouring. The more elaborate version might need a few strokes around your face as well). Use the brush to soften the effect. You can either add on top of it the matt light shade from NARS (upper step) or use a more shimmery finish: either the MAC champagne finish or Watt’s up by benefit.


Last? Never leave the house without lipstick – virtual truth. Go bold with reds or nudes with the above.
MAC shades, from left to right. (Lip liner is Soar)

  • Viva Glam II
  • Fast Play
  • Brave
  • Modesty
  • Honey Love
  • Sophisto


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