Look Around – A Lot to See

I’ve been thinking lately of something exciting. Nothing in particular for now, but I was pondering, mostly at night in front of a nice cup of tea, what is something that might make me choose “it” over let’s say, sleeping, relaxing, unplugging, watching a nice movie… Oddly enough? Attention to details. Or on a bigger scheme: designing.

I am officially in love with event planning and interior decoration. You might think that they have nothing to do with one another, and truth be told when I write them this way – they do read odd. So let’s say that I am hooked on: environments/surroundings. Everywhere I look I try to capture moments, corners, focus on something that I think might not be repeated again or seen again. Something magical. A laughter, a view, a burst of anger, a breathtaking ceiling, a minimalist decoration….anything.

Looking around, taking it all in … it’s like writing stories, memorizing notes, mentally, visually. So imagine the excitement when you start having ideas of your own that you’d like to implement. Designing the idea, executing it, editing it, re-designing it again and again, it all becomes so much fun and gives you such a boost of positivity. From my daughter’s room, baptism, birthday, to a crazy night out in the town, an awesome trip to Vegas; everything is literally a source of inspiration.

Basically, learning from life. It’s such a crazy textbook: all your senses are awakened; they motivate you, remind you, put you down, lift you up again, throw you off… teach you.

Here are a few corners that are inspiring… find your inspiration in your daily life. Don’t let anything pass you by… the more you teach yourself to see the good, the more you appreciate, the more you achieve. Ok. I’m not saying to skate next to bad days or to live in a state of denial. I’m just saying to … live more? Yes, do that.


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