Stay Healthy, Eat


Lately I’ve been obsessed in getting back to my old “shape”. Giving birth is life changing, not only in terms of emotions and responsibility but also in terms of self-love and self-respect. It’s weird in that way… you have all this unconditional love to give out but at the same time, you learn to love yourself more, so that you can give more… or at least that’s my philosophy!

Besides the normal need to exercise, even if only for 20 minutes a day – time is a luxury – eating healthy is the new diet. I’m definitely not referring to skipping dinners, launch meetings or brunches – wine included. I’m just saying: go healthy.

Healthy means a bunch of things, lots of water, vegetables, fruits, a balanced intake of protein, some carbohydrates, water, water, water… wine, cocktails, champagne! (the last three should be taken moderately) less of the conservatives and more of the natural. I’ve fallen in love with salads. Either as take-out or home-made… it’s like a masterpiece for me, that’s where I unleash my creativity! On my love-to-eat list is Chinese,  Japanese and Italian. When cooked properly, they’re seriously healthy! (well pizza is… no comment.)

You don’t need to lose weight to get back in shape… you just need to feel good in your own body and the only way to do that is to be healthy. Keeping a sane diet will revitalize your body, energize your mind, lighten up your skin. It’s amazing how small eating habits affect you. If you want to add to it and lose weight, you definitely can… but let your goal be health… once you’re healthy, you will lose weight without forcing yourself – and your mind – into an emotional rollercoaster of does and don’ts.

Here are some tips to eating healthy and some small exercises (minimum task. Try tougher ones if you want a better result) that will help you and your metabolism cope with post-delivery, work, stress or even anger. Channel your energy adequately. The result is simply amazing!


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