Weekend Fashion – The New Grey

I’m sitting in front of my closet and all I can think of is accessories and not clothing. So when choosing my outfit for these couple of days – I have events that I’m attending so I’m lining up a few options to win some time (cool tip to keep in mind!) I am basically choosing the accessory first and the “details” later!

For some reason, I’m going all grey. 50 shades of grey would be a correct literal description of what’s going on here. It’s a big weekend and I don’t necessarily have the time to fully change between one event to the next, so a change in accessories and shoes will have to do the trick. I usually put them in my car and change real quick… these are like items that I keep handy; my “take around wardrobe”.

Another important item in what should be your “take around wardrobe” is the waistcoat. Changes both the way you look and the style that you’re pulling of. Depending on the color and the details, it can range from classy to elegant/sporty… definitely outgoing but with a significant touch of fashion.

Keep these handy, trust me, they’ll help!
Happy Saturday!


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