A Space… Always a Great Idea!

This weekend was my daughter’s first lesson to me. It’s not something ground breaking but somehow she has now made it a must. My Space. I’m not talking about some virtual “platform”, I’m literally talking about a corner I can call my own.

A space where you can sit, idle, do nothing and no one would look at you wondering where you drifted. You’d be there, for you.

We went for long trips these past couple of days, and at a certain point you could seriously see that she needed a time-out. No noise, no people around her, no silly kids voices… she needed her comfort zone, her familiar places, the corners where she could be “free”.

Of course it’s easy to say that a 7-months old got tired, but she wasn’t. She was full of energy, but she wanted to channel it differently. As soon as her dad and I got home, we put her on her bed… It was magical to look at. She was kicking, smiling, laughing out-loud… see? She wasn’t tired, she just wanted to feel home again, get in touch with what she recognizes most. As grownups, we’re no different than kids. We need that space during the day, it can be anywhere, but we’d be there, for us.

At age 4 our place was – under the bed.
At age 7, under the desk in our dad’s office.
At 15, under the covers.
But as you grow older, you’ll notice that that sacred space, where your mind was thinking about “you” where being carefree, timeless, motionless and free were normal, is now a luxury.

We’re so preoccupied with everything else that thinking about those some small personal details seems trivial now. Not true though. They certainly take room in your mind, so why not use them for something good?

The biggest inventions came from small ideas; you never know where yours could lead. Choose your corner… and seriously, go there often.







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