Ok Motherhood, Here’s what I learnt so far.

I woke up on August 21st, with the same amount of ambition and dedication to my career. With the same attention to details and care for meticulousness… believing that it is the small details that make up the big picture. I’m a mom now, and this hasn’t changed.

At almost 7pm… all this was magically heightened. Of course the motherhood boost of bringing joy and life to the world was there. The unequivocal excitement to hold my daughter and see what unconditional love looks like was breathtaking. But it was more than that.

I became more dedicated to all aspects in my life. To my career, strongly believing that my daughter needs a role model, and that I would want nothing more than to be that for her. It’s fulfillment, for me, my way of making a difference. Without it, I feel I’m neglecting a big part of who I am – and this cannot happen. Self-care is a must.

Fashion is not brands; it’s style combined with self-etiquette. It’s a mix of the extravagant white shirt, with possible designer heels paired with a personality that has the attitude of a lady, the spirit of a girl and the ambition of an entrepreneur. It’s a rare mix, but so refreshing once you stumble upon it. You can easily drown in parenting, but if you see that slightly open door, calling you to revamp your style, strengthen your personality and steady your mind; trust me, it’s an invincible weapon. So heels up ladies!

Realism is no longer a political concept, but a perspective. Emotions can easily overrun every aspect of a decision in motherhood and turn the simplest of issues into a colossal catastrophe, but my daughter keeps my feet on the ground, well, most of the time. She makes me realize that patience is not a virtue, but a must, that limits are there to be tested, and when they are I should just stop for 2 minutes. Quite the noise. At that point, the problem will still there, but the solution is too…
Whatever time is left, she puts me up somewhere in the clouds next to our Disney movies and their princesses. A fair balance between dreams and reality; the result is absolutely unique.

My tolerance for “average adaptation” has come to a limit. It’s like negotiating on useless items that I won’t eventually need. At this point, why negotiate at all? Just let it go. When deciding whether I want to adapt to a situation or not, I role-play, change colors, consider it, play the devil’s advocate. Some things, some people, are seriously not worth the effort of adapting: just walk away. Forget it already! At other instances the battle might be fierce, but everything around it would be worth it all! Only when your due diligence is done: either push forward, or move sideways.

There is so much more to life that living it by the steps. There is an infinite pool of possibilities and charms yet to be discovered. Keep that youthful energy that drives your curiosity and that purity/innocence that we all decided to exchange with responsibilities. These distance your from your kids, don’t. Don’t be just a parent because you’re so taken by life and its rollercoasters that you’re too tired to lift your head up.

Here’s what motherhood taught me. I want it all. They say dreams change once you have kids, on the contrary, mine got better, bigger! I don’t want to watch my daughter simply grow, I want to grow with her. I want to show her life, not by teaching her, but by living: that means that I need to both show her how to appreciate and teach myself to appreciate the small details.

You are the eyes through which your kids see the world. See it realistically with a bag full of inspiration and a touch of magic where needed. It’s not what you do, but how you do it that leads by example.

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