Summer, is that you?

In my older days, summer was an exceptionally great time to “feel the vibe”. By that I don’t mean parties or drinks, but more so of a “me time,” tanning, sea, trips etc. Summer, today, is short of them all. Of course priorities change, mine have.

But still some parts of summer are necessary, particularly when wedding season begins – and wedding season in Lebanon is a 3-months festival. Booked weekends, drinks, dinners, no sleep and so much more to do after work. With a baby now, it literally is – not sound – hectic. I get 3 hours of sleep because I am determined to have a professional, personal, social and mama life. They might sound all one and the same – but oh boy, they’re so not!

Which brings me think of how I can schedule a beach day? Some drinks by the pool with a tanning possibility to keep me trendy? That’s not possible. So, with my dresses lined up for the coming couple of months, I found my solution – fake tan! It took me five minutes to get it done… I look bronzy-chocolaty with a color that is to envy!

I know we’re all busy in succeeding in different areas of our lives. I wish I had about 10 more hours a day so that I could do everything I want to. But… it’s not going to happen. So, don’t complain, it seriously won’t get you anywhere. The solution is – for the time being – sleep about an hour less, eat healthy and drink oh so much water.

Once you do that all this, channel that energy into making yourself happy. How? Figure out ways to get what you want by going with the unconventional way, like a fake tan! It’s not cheating… it’s just temporary, like a Cinderella flash. Some moments require a short-term solution, at the expense of long ones – you just need to categorize the situations you’re facing. Once the clock hits midnight, the tan goes away with the shower. At least you would have had your fabulous look and extravagant entrance without stressing about finding the time to do it all together. This will make you enjoy everything.

I get it, you’re busy. But pull yourself together! Embrace it, give it your 100%, get creative and make things happen. We only live once, let’s make the best out of it! And to think that this whole piece started with a fake tan!


For those interested – my fake tan by Benefit.



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