Not-To-Do lists…

I know. Weird. But we’ve been so fixated on what we should do that it becomes a never-ending list of checks and marks just to be able to get to the new target. It’s exhausting. I mean seriously, look at your to-do list for 3 consecutive days. I’m not talking about those daily short to-do lists at work or for your groceries – these have become embedded in your core visuals anyway… I’m focusing on those long exhausting lists that mostly haunt you at night, right before you sleep. Suddenly it’s morning and you feel like you’ve only had 20 minutes of rest…

It’s always what to do now, what to do next, what do to further down the line.
There are these few minutes of joy when something is achieved or a goal is reached but then hustle. Don’t stop. I’m not saying this is bad or criticizing this… I am a PhD graduate of to-do-lists – but there might – maybe – be an alternative out there to make you feel even better about reaching your goals, figuring things out and truly enjoying yourself…

So this is how I came to it. Lately I’ve been trying to relax… enjoy a little bit more. I am very well aware of my surrounding but most of the time I’m in such a hurry that I don’t see the small important details that make all the difference. Makes appreciation and satisfaction so much harder to feel.

So I started a list whereby I’d write everything I seriously don’t want to go through, feel, or even have to worry about. It’s like a caution list that your mind is putting out in the world so that you know that you’re reaching a red zone for you. That you should, at that moment, back off.

**Don’t sign anything without due diligence **Don’t commit when in doubt **Don’t agree when you seriously feel like running in the opposite direction. These are just a few. Why do we do them in the first place? There are so many reason that I don’t even know where to start.

Favors, friends, family expectations, social inclusion, peer pressure and the list goes on… but for some reason, none of them are about you. Instead of spending so much time and effort investing into things that might not make us as happy, why not clear all these don’ts from around us. Things will get clearer and at that point doing what we want, what we love and what we should, to be happy, will be ten times easier – and definitely more enjoyable. So for today, ironically, you’re only to-do step is to start this list.

Coffee on the side – wine if you’re reading this late – white paper – pen [leave the screen and phone for now] and maybe a few sticky notes here and there to keep you on track.

Good luck!

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