Hats on, Shoulders out!

I know it’s the middle of the week… but you know what makes you feel like it’s seriously a Sunday? Flowy, refreshing tops, leaving your shoulders light and breezy and giving you so effortlessly that French Riviera look. It’s definitely this summer’s trend and it has gone widely creative. So tonight, go out for a quiet drink – meet with a friend, vent out – while looking good!

From looks, colors, patterns to different lengths and dress-like looks, this “off-the-shoulders movement” makes your summer more attractive, sexier and a whole lot more fun to dress up for!

It wraps your lower shoulders and mid back so nicely, leaving a touch of femininity that is seriously difficult to deny. Paired with jeans, formal pants, shorts, skirts, and even pencil skirts… The looks that you can create with these delicate tops are infinite and suit every mood and occasion. But no matter what, it leaves you with a nice touch of style.

There is an undeniable attraction to shirts, tops and jackets and suits – when they’re far off from your neck, leaving a breather between your face and shoulder. The wider the space, the classier it looks. This trend is definitely here to stay, and has taken the store’s summer shelves by storm!

Hats on, and shoulders out ladies… It’s time to plan your weekend in style!


Shop the looks:


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