It applies to everyone…

A couple of nights ago, it hit me. You know that serious epiphany that pulls you out of a severe limbo zone? By that I mean, that mood of exaggerated comfort, relaxation, and some carelessness mostly due to exhaustion, disenchantment or a super busy schedule.

Yes, that’s where I was. To be fair, everyone seems to be there lately. We’re so caught up with everything we want to achieve that at times we do actually forget the big steps and sometimes even jumps that we achieved throughout.

So yes, I was watching TV, silently assessing myself, where I had started. Of course, there is so much more that I want to do, so many places I want to visit… but where I am today is magically beautiful to me. It’s the realization that I walked my talk and danced on my tune that make it even better!

I have traveled – sidetracking here for a minute: visited countries and continents, grew up in Milan and saw the world ever since… traveling is not a hobby but a must! It opens you up to so many dimensions, it’s like adding a new piece to yourself everytime homeland security stamps your passport.

Back to the piece now – I have met countless of interesting people who changed my world in a way or another. Their accent, logic, background made every person along the way a source of energy and truly one of inspiration as well.

But mostly, here’s the big one, I have written, every part of it, so that when I’m busy running errands, getting caught up at work, or focusing in meetings, I can come home at night, read for a couple of minutes before sleeping, and remember. Remember precisely how it felt to walk this path and reach exactly where I am today.

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