It’s her birthday!

1 year and 1 week old! That’s the age of my baby girl, and you have NO IDEA – well some of you might – of the incredible journey this year has been! So tiring, the one and only ground-shaking life altering experience! You know the kinds that take your breath away but then so gracefully fills your life with rainbows and candies, literally with a simple smile? This has been my year.

And so to celebrate it, I couldn’t just let it go with an understated cake and a simple lunch under the watchful eye of an organizer. No! I HAD to do it myself… of course, being a fan of the “do-it yourself” moto seems only normal… But, don’t DIY if you don’t have the time, this shouldn’t be stressful, it should be magical. So enjoy it, it only happens once a year and when you see how your love to your kids materializes into a beautiful event – among the many other minutes and events in life – you will be delighted.

My chosen theme was Minnie Mouse – I am under the heavy-hearted realization that choosing themes will no longer be a luxury of mine but my daughter’s choice. So, as long as I get to do, let me live it!

The house was turned into Minnie-land with literally every corner carrying a polka dot element. You’ll see a few picture here below, but the essentials were: napkins, kids’ plate, cups, balloons (of course!), favors for boys and girls, cake, popsicles, cupcakes, lots of good food and mimosas!

This 1st birthday was not really meant for kids, only a couple showed up, it was more of a ladies’ brunch so mimosas were a must. Every bit of decoration counts, the glass juices, the round centerpiece on the tables, the happy birthday signs hanging on the mirrors, the fans distributed to the ladies… really, it all counts.

And… it was everything we expected. Our happy little girl was over the moon, dancing, smiling to everyone with the must-cry few seconds when cutting the cake. We felt every bit of it, because we were part of it all… from choosing the theme, the searching for the tiniest and sweetest details, to actually decorating everything. A couple of hours of Disney land at home.

To those of you celebrating your kids, happy birthday! And to our little girl, you mean the world to us… Happiest birthday angel.

Love <3, M.


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