To making memories!

Lately it’s becoming the 1st for a lot of things around here!
“That’s a first! Oh look!” if you spend a few hours with me, you’ll be always looking for something new, something exciting! And understandably so, it was my daughter’s first day of kindergarten this week!

With everything changing around Arya, the light in her eyes is simply mesmerizing. To see how she’s taking it all in, trying to making sense of the tiniest detail. Orientation was fun to her, but detachment was the difficult part… for me. When they’re first born, our life is turned in every direction. We’re not really sure how to go about things, but somehow our instincts and love help us become to best we can be to our children and manage it all, pretty well I might add.

And so we grow into the first year, we establish this unbreakable bond and we learn, first hand what “unconditional love” means. We so often hear it in movies but little did we know, that it truly means unconditional, unbreakable, magical yet so realistic. The crazy kind of love… you know what I mean? Where you would seriously give everything up for someone else’s happiness.

And there she went off to school. I thought she’ll cry hysterically and hold on to me, but she looked at me, tear-ed up a bit and had forgotten everything about detachment as soon as she walked into the playroom. Me? I was still trying to make sense of what happened there… it took me a few minutes.

Yes, those funny jokes about how parents get all over the place on the first day of kindergarten, they’re true. You hold on to those moments replaying them for a very long time. But no matter how long that may be, everyday is a new discovery, a new first and a new happy, bouncy feeling to yet add to your endless list of firsts!

Enjoy the ride!

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