It’s time to put some metal on!

I’ve been revamping my wardrobe. Or not completely, just a few items, you know to spice it up. Funny thing is, when going through Zara’s stores – my all time favorite for casual and classy looks – it’s all metallic. Not glittery, some sequin, but metallic! It took me a few trips to the stores to get used to the idea and the colors’ effects… but it grew on me.

Granted, it’s not something you would wear to work or to formal occasions, but it’s definitely a style that you’d want to have in your closet. Maybe doll yourself up on a Saturday night? The idea is not to become some leading metallic movement pioneer but to beautifully incorporate the trend into your personality.

I’m definitely not one to radically change her style to adapt to the runway, but I strongly believe that style evolves, like time. Its classiness and chicness can remain untouched, but could be highlighted and styled with the latest accessories, or metallic pleated skirt, or even a dark suede jacket?

The excitement in adopting a new item that might be a bit far from your area is the rejuvenation of one’s style and the breath of fresh air that it brings along. Change is always good, as long as you’re faithful to what you love the most. In this case it can be your blue ripped jeans, your white dress/shirt or your asymmetric t-shirt. No matter what it is, keep adding to your style… it will keep it fresh and better accentuate its reflection of you and your mood. After all, your style defines you, wear it fashionably, and with confidence!



Looks and items can be found at

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