Note to self…

I was talking to a friend of mine today… the big topic of the conversation was how life changes. We both got married, traveled the world, met new people, changed houses, grew in our careers, built a family etc. Amid all this revolution that we basically covered in a 5 minutes conversation the one constant that seemed to bring reassurance and comfort is the routine. You could even tell from our voices that at that point, we were calm, and cheerful.

We long so much to experience new things everyday, to sometimes break our “comfort zone/s” and see the world from a different skyscraper but amidst all this back and forth, wishing, hoping and dreaming there is a lot to be grateful for. For a lack of a better word, routine is, boring, somehow motionless. Exciting but not always completing the picture you’re seeking. And it rightfully shouldn’t.

Coffee, wine, work – which I love, friends, family, my beautiful daughter – that I live for, me barely have the time to catch my breath and then it’s replay all over again. Understandably I look forward for that break. But as it materializes, I also look forward to holding back again everything I hold on to most dearly.

Change, whether welcome or not, always brings along a taste of tremendous sweetness but with a “touche of mélancolie.” This specific instant puts everything into perspective and makes you appreciate. Point is though, why wait for that second? Why not learn to realize the small things, live every moment with the enthusiasm that we get when something new brightens your day?

To make it more graphic, it’s a rollercoaster, life that is. Enjoy it all, the ups, the downs, the boring, the upcoming, everything really – don’t take anything for granted. Key is to know what you have, what you want and appreciate it. When you sleep, do that soundly. When you’re home, doing nothing, enjoy the calmness. Be in the moment and take it all in. Things change fast… cherish what you have and live, fully.

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