Starbucks, Heathrow and Fashion

Sitting in Heathrow, you can’t avoid looking at the number of people that pass you by. It’s intimidating really when you think about it. Sitting in the same spot at Starbucks, in 60 minutes I think that I have literally traveled the world. Yes, that cup of coffee took me to the States, Beirut, Gulf states, Mexico, about 90% of Europe, India, Pakistan, Japan, China, Mauritius, every countryside in the UK and so much more.

I overheard various business deals being closed, problems being resolved, even saw two ladies going over their tarot cards. From extreme sports look to Italian-like suits, I had a front-row seat to my own personal fashion hour. Sneakers, leather heels, modern, retro, hippy, classic… the whole deal.

That runway had about every brand pass by, with endless accessories and beautiful styles, unique. Some of them oh so inspiring, others well… had different taste.

We spent 4 hours, between Starbucks, a bit of shopping and lots of coffee. Not such a bad layover after all right? Let’s see how fashionable the next 11 hours of flight will be.

Although seated all the time, headphones, laptops, iPads and movies do say a lot about everyone around you. It’s not clothes but it’s still fashionably trendy!

See you in few!
LA bound.

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