New York I love you

This is live from New York… such a beautiful city right? So many possibilities, endless backgrounds and countless experiences. You walk down its streets and it’s like taking a quick tour around the world. English is definitely not the main language anymore… You should learn to speak a more universal language if that even exists! It’s English mainly but forms of it. So many interesting accents combine and it’s not the regular language that we all know anymore….

After four days in New York, seeing childhood friends and reminiscing a beautiful snapshot of what my life was like when I was here with the United Nations, I am confused about leaving now. To be fair though, who would be willing to leave a vacation for a real life treat? To be honest, me.

Taking time off puts everything into perspective. Makes you appreciate more but certainly makes you reorganize more, prioritize. This vacation, LA, Vegas and NY has definitely done it for me. Here’s the catch though, I didn’t really “take off”.

Here is how I see it, we should be living a life that we would not want to be parting from… but what we should be doing is changing, from time to time. Unplug, so that we can reassess.

Don’t run from a life that you’re building. Build it with strength and ambition, and an unwavering motivation. But, in order to recharge, because every energy needs to dock somewhere for a few days, we should take a plane, an exciting outer-state drive: change sceneries.

It’s refreshing, it’s good and it’s most of the time, what you really need to give a full power to any project, path or vision that you might be encountering. Let’s see how far this vacation will take us!

Until the next time… Good luck!

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