Touch down… La La Land

Our latest trip to LA was… inspiring to say the least. You know, living in the Middle East and working in journalism and media, you’re hooked to reality and the political bitterness around you. Makes you too self-conscious of your surroundings at times. So obviously, when I went on vacation to the city of angels, it was… how to put it… comforting!

With the sun out all day, and the beautiful fragile breeze in the evening, life in extravagant LA was a dream come true. Far from whatever daily habit you’ve established over the years, this break was so refreshing and so energizing. Between pool, music, driving around, amazing food and lovely company, we ended up living the LA experience to its fullest. Life there, compared to our daily one over here, seems a bit slower, as if it had its own time zone.

Of course – yes – let’s not forget Six Flags! I mean, who could? CRAZY rides! The adrenaline replaced my blood for a while, my pressure was through the roof.., rollercoasters like you’ve never seen, so fast, so literally all over the place that you would barely realize which way is up and which way is down. Seats flipping, tracks running 360 degrees about 4 times… it was crazy! The best part is? I did them all! I sound confident about it here, right? Well, no, that’s not how it was there.

Mike and our friend had to seriously talk me into every ride. So patient, ha!

But besides this out-of-this-world-experience, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, downtown LA, it was all so breathtaking. Such a warm, truly fancy place to be, after all, it’s Hollywood, right? Gotta keep up with the pace too. Living there would be different, demanding too, but for a vacation, you’ll relax big time.

You need to sleep for 8 uninterrupted hours and soak up the sun? City lovers, get to LA. You’ll love it!

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