Start somewhere – and then Next

Where are you today? Do you ever stop and wonder why you started and what you wanted to become? This got me thinking lately… I always loved history, the course it takes and how it leads to the current status quo; and so it was only normal to get into Political Science and International Affairs. Lifestyle blogging and my current career do not necessarily meet on a daily basis… but it’s a refreshing combination, so why not?

This is how it all starts. There is a moment during the day where you sit and say: “I wish I was doing this job, opening my own biz, working on my own drawings, playing my own music…” just day-dreaming really.

When you’re young, at school or in university, this decision becomes your main path – your livelihood. But what if this daydreaming moment, years down the line, can also open a second path? You’re definitely happy where you are, but you’re looking for something… yours, light. I’m not sure if it’s making sense to you, but haven’t you ever felt that way? Every once in a while, it’s healthy to remember where and why you started. It helps you assess, maybe change, persevere or even add.

Lately I’ve been meeting a lot people who are happily working in companies, brilliant lawyers, accountants, teachers etc. but who are also committed in parallel to a piece of their “personal” dream. They don’t want to essentially make it a full-time itinerary, but they want to color their lives with it. Being around them, helping them in content writing and social media, the first thing that inspires the branding is “how did you come up with this idea”.

The answer, surprisingly, is never one of deep-rooted thought and business equation – since for now, this is mostly a dream. It’s mainly about passion and an even more personal drive. I might agree or disagree with the idea, but it’s hard not to be inspired. Listening to how they came to its realization and how they’re implementing it, the challenges and benefits of it all: it makes you want to think of your next move.

An advice, if you have a small passion that you’d like to materialize: start by answering the big What’s Next question? It should definitely be something you’d buy or do for yourself… something that the client in you would want and then make it better! You’d be surprised, it’s been in front of you this whole time, but for some reason, your eyeglasses weren’t really working… maybe.

Once you see the idea, give it a shot! Research it, build it, get inspired by others and then add a little of your personal touch to it and a lot of enthusiasm and planning. It might look like a terrible idea in the beginning: challenging, difficult, tiring, competitive but remember, “Terrible ideas are like playground scapegoats. Given the right encouragement, they grow up to be geniuses.” (Movie – Under the Tuscan Sun)

I can somehow see my next, can you? See where it leads?
Good luck!

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