Getting Back In Academic Shape

After giving birth, women normally start facing a number of responsibilities that come with motherhood. We are all aware of how challenging juggling these responsibilities can become, especially if you add continuing your education to the mix. Until only a few decades ago, most of us would not have even considered going back to school after having given birth, partially as a consequence of the social stereotypes of the time and partially because of the lack of opportunities.

By today, both of these factors have evolved to the point of inverting this scenario. Of course, like with almost every other social evolution that struck our world over those past several decades, technology played a crucial role too. In this specific case, its role was facilitating distance communication to the point of enabling universities to offer online degrees. A study analysing online education shows that the average online student today is a 33-year-old woman. In a way, these women represent those of us who previously would not have been able to physically attend school, but now have this incredible opportunity to enrol in online courses, study, and get certificates or degrees online.

If as a woman you have decided to resume your studies, it is crucial to be sure that this is something you truly want, as well as to know what it is that you wish to achieve by doing so. You should be sure that you would be persistent irrespective of the challenges ahead – and trust me a few ones are out there! Here are some tips that could help you with this.

One has to become an expert in efficiency. Come up with a routine that works both for you and your child/children. The routine will provide you with time to squeeze in the necessary learning.

Give focus to that which is most essential. At certain times, or in certain cultures women are so involved with doing everything they can to make the house look clean and neat. Give yourself a break from trying to do everything. Prioritize school and family (and of course work, if you’re also employed).

Time MGT
Time management is extremely important in being able to successfully handle school, family and work. You should remember that for every minute you spend learning, you will need double that time to do your revision and assignments. It is paramount that you get time management right or you may find yourself anxious and stressed to the point dropping out of the course – resulting in quite a waste of time and money.

Thank you, Internet
One should seriously consider the implications of taking on an online course. Even though it seems quite appealing, studying from the comfort of one’s home means having to deal with losing face-to-face time with fellow colleagues and lecturers. One has to decide if this is what they want and if it is worth it.
Owing to the fact that there are a number of distance learning degrees out there, it is important to decide on what degree will offer the best advancement possibilities in terms of your career, as well as to consider what the market needs and to include these findings in your final decision.

Many of the World’s strongest Universities currently offer either certain classes of a degree online or an entire degree, but cost a lot of money. NC Italian University London, on the other hand, is one of the higher learning institutions that realized the need of offering distance learning degrees and only specializes in this type of learning – which to many could present a very useful alternative. Such institutions offer classes with somewhat greater flexibility than traditional universities that simply offer certain classes online, most likely as a consequence of the e-learning (and their e-students) being the absolute priority to them. Learning material is also uploaded online and students can access it at any time (and from any device), revise it, and take the final examinations in the comfort of their homes.

Women today, with emphasis on nursing mothers, can finally study online and attain degrees with plans of attaining greater positions of employment that will see them meet family and financial obligations. Even though this kind of learning is considered flexible, it is still a very challenging venture in combination with regular, modern-day responsibilities.

All in all, giving up should not be an option! So, don’t!

Article by Hanna Johnson – Mpire Contributor

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